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The Inforum 2017 experience – what customers like best

Infor customers talk about what they like best about Inforum, what keeps them coming back, and what they’re looking forward to this year.


Learning at Inforum 2017

Learn about new technology at the Inforum education sessions and from your peers. “We’re a very small group where I work and, obviously, there are a lot more people out there who are using this product, so we like to get their opinions, ways they use the product, and try to learn some new things from them, as well.”


Connecting at Inforum 2017

“Infor does a good job of putting you together with other people in your same product line, and that makes for a real worthwhile learning experience.”


Exploring the Hub at Inforum 2017

The Hub at Inforum 2017 will expose you to vendors and services you didn’t even know existed. “It’s a can’t miss opportunity.”